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The London Logs: Ros Redux

The Author By Kelly Hayes-Raitt | August 21st, 2012 | Comments No Comments

One of the pitfalls of living an unstructured life is melting weekdays. Last week, I lived Monday twice and, consequently, missed meeting my friend Pauline’s dear friend Ros. This wonderful woman came all the way out to meet me at Liverpool Tube only to be stood up! Thankfully, she gave me another shot today.
She toured me through Bevis Marks (, England’s oldest synagogue with more than 300 years of continuous Jewish worship. 100_0395.jpgRos attended services here as a child and showed me the personal bench where her father was assigned to sit every week. The seat opened to a private compartment that holds prayer books, shawls and other personal items. A decade after his death, she found his prayer books still there!

In this congregation, women and children sit upstairs in the balcony. She showed me her family’s bench. Her grandfather was a minister here and his photo is displayed in the basement recreational hall. It was quite a touching experience for me to have Ros share her childhood memories.

From the synagogue, we walked down to Tower Hill where I took this photo of the “Gherkin,” one of London’s hideous new constructions. Then, we crossed Tower Bridge. 100_0401.jpgI’ve now crossed 7 bridges over the Thames! Then, we moved on to Oxford Circus to shop for a sweater Ros was on the hunt for. 100_0400.jpg

From there, I headed back to Hampstead Heath for dinner with Jill from my LA writing group. She invited me to join her for 2 Paralympics games next weekend!

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