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The London Logs: Living Large in London

The Author By Kelly Hayes-Raitt | July 17th, 2012 | Comments No Comments

I arrived in London on Sunday to a lovely lunch by the couple for whom I am housesitting. They left shortly after for their trek to Machu Picchu and northern Peru. Their flat is full of love – sweet love notes, family photos, a large map with friends’ travel dreams….and Merlin, a handsome, independent dude of a cat.

Monday afternoon, I cruised my new ‘hood and learned the Olympic torch will pass just 2 blocks from here on Saturday! During my walk, I passed a Polish deli, a Portuguese restaurant, a Middle Eastern restaurant called “Al Jazeera,” a Russian deli and a Pakistani restaurant! My next goal is to charm someone who lives on the 2nd floor of the torch route.

Today, I’m sick with a stubborn cold. I have no energy to brave the clouds and wind and rain and my head feels like an overstretched balloon. …Not the end of the world: I have a cozy house that boasts not only a comfy bed, but a comfy couch. I slog from one to the other pretending I’m getting exercise. I’m learning to sneeze with a Cockney accent.

Tomorrow, I hope to rally to participate in a walking tour of the Olympic Village. In the meantime, there will be NO photos today!
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