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The London Logs: Books & Balls

The Author By Kelly Hayes-Raitt | July 28th, 2012 | Comments No Comments

Tonight, I met my friend Des outside the Globe Theatre and he regaled me with Southbank sites. big-ben-at-night.jpgWe wandered around the vibrant 5-story Southbank Centre (
where there’s an art installation featuring 200,000 used books being set up in a maze. Des commented that it might be a reflection on how obsolete books are becoming. His point: Just the fact that 200,000 used books – which a mere few years ago would have been a commodity – are being donated for this art installation shows how devalued physical books are becoming.

book-display.jpgKill me now!

We wandered along the Thames to the London Eye, past the Aquarium (there’s an aquarium in London?) and the old County Hall that is now a repository of fast-food restaurants. london-eye.jpg

The river is magical at sunset, dusk and night, with romantic across-the-Thames views of Big Ben and Parliament. (I hope to visit a session of Parliament when they reconvene in September.)

We ended up outside the National Theatre (
and the “insideout” stage watching The Gandinis, a 20-person juggling troupe. For an hour (FREE!), they regaled an outdoor audience with colored, glowing balls and pins moving in a variety of geometric patterns.

I’ll return next week to hang out at the Royal Festival Hall, where there is free Wifi and free people-watching and a hope for a ticket to an evening performance at the National Theatre.
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