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The London Logs: Housesitting

July 20th, 2012 | Username By Kelly Hayes-Raitt | Comments No Comments »

Four years ago, when I started sleeping around to write my book, I never dreamt I’d still be on the road and making housesitting a cottage career. But, here I am! Although I found my initial housesits by word-of-mouth, the majority I found through the internet. chachaand-me.jpg

There are now dozens of web sites that allow housesitters to post profiles for homeowners to peruse. A few require homeowners to post profiles, as well. I determine which site to join (most cost $60 - $80US/year) by pretending (more…)

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The London Logs: From Buffalo to Birmingham

July 11th, 2012 | Username By Kelly Hayes-Raitt | Comments No Comments »

Unlike many of my rambling ideas – or rather, my ideas to ramble – this one started out about a boy. But after planning a summer in London with me, he suddenly went silent. (What is it about men?!?)

I decided to follow through with the possibility of finding a housesit in London and landed a lovely flat in East London for 2 months. Until 7 Sept (already trying to adjust to British customs, as you can see!), I will be ruled by Merlin the Cat just 2 Tube stops from the Olympic Village.

I am scheduling a full summer to take advantage of the international, intercultural festivals and art exhibits that will descend upon London in conjunction with the Olympics and Para-Olympics. Already, I have tickets to (more…)

The Bitch and The Chow

March 25th, 2009 | Username By Kelly Hayes-Raitt | Comments 3 Comments »

[This an occassional post elucidating my life on the road this year as I criss-cross America, housesitting and petsitting, while I write my book and rent out my own home in Santa Monica.]

Next week, I was supposed to be dog/housesitting for Pixie, a chow-chow with separation anxiety so severe she once threw herself through a plate glass window. It did occur to me that watching this chow might be more than I could chew.

However, Cheryl, the owner, assured me in her syrupy voice that Pixie had been through extensive therapy and was doing better. Good. She could not, however, be left alone for more than a quick grocery run. (more…)

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