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The London Logs: From Buffalo to Birmingham

The Author By Kelly Hayes-Raitt | July 11th, 2012 | Comments No Comments

Unlike many of my rambling ideas – or rather, my ideas to ramble – this one started out about a boy. But after planning a summer in London with me, he suddenly went silent. (What is it about men?!?)

I decided to follow through with the possibility of finding a housesit in London and landed a lovely flat in East London for 2 months. Until 7 Sept (already trying to adjust to British customs, as you can see!), I will be ruled by Merlin the Cat just 2 Tube stops from the Olympic Village.

I am scheduling a full summer to take advantage of the international, intercultural festivals and art exhibits that will descend upon London in conjunction with the Olympics and Para-Olympics. Already, I have tickets to the Globe Theatre and to an exhibit of Impressionist paintings coming from Paris. My itinerary includes traipsing around Cross Bones Graveyard, retracing Jack the Ripper’s pillage, proselytizing at Hyde Park’s Free Speech Square, pilgrimming to Stonehenge and mucklarking on the Thames.

…And, oh yes, I’m writing a book. To get myself back into the writing habit, I will blog daily about my doings: 50 blogs in 50 days. So, please visit often and leave your comments!

At the moment, I am hostage at Newark Airport in Hour Three of a 10-hour layover. Not to worry, though, I’m holed up in the business lounge. I cashed in miles: My biz class ticket from Buffalo to Birmingham cost just $5!

Before my housesit, I will spend 4 days in Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace. I have a lovely B&B reserved (£40, about $60US) and have purchased tickets to 2 performances by the Royal Shakespeare Company (both are on the main floor – one is front-row! The total cost for both tickets is an astounding $72US).

Check back tomorrow for my July 12 post about – what else? – “Twelfth Night.”

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